Best golf gps 2023

Struggling to find the best golf gps for your next round? You’re in luck! This guide provides all the information needed to pick the perfect golf gps in 2023. Discover what features you need and the latest technology available so you can golf with confidence.

Best golf gps 2023

  1. Garmin Approach Z82 GPS (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Garmin Approach G30 GPS (Best Overall)
  3. Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS (Budget Friendly)
  4. Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS
  5. Garmin Approach G10  GPS 
  6. SkyCaddie SX550 GPS

1)Garmin Approach Z82 GPS 

Best golf gps

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The Garmin Approach Z82 GPS is perfect for committed golfers looking to improve their game. For golfers who want unmatched accuracy and precision on the course, this high-performance rangefinder is made with precision and attention. The Approach Z82, one of the most modern rangefinders, elevates your golfing experience with cutting-edge laser rangefinding technology. We’ll discuss this incredible device’s capabilities and benefits.

Unmatched Accuracy for Confidence

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS wins accuracy. This incredible apparatus measures flagstick distances from 450 yards. With such amazing skills, you may confidently shoot images from afar. The Z82’s 10-yard accuracy boosts golfing confidence.

High-Performance Stability

Stability is crucial for golfers, especially in bad weather. Advanced stabilisation capabilities on the Approach Z82 prevent shake and offer crisp shots even in high conditions. The Z82’s steadiness and clarity will let you compete in any weather.

Feedback and Alerts

Every golfer wants tips to improve their shots. Garmin Approach Z82 delivers. This fascinating gizmo helps golfers improve their shots with intuitive feedback and vibrating notifications. With the Approach Z82, get intelligent feedback, grab the present, and optimise your gaming.

Lasting Strength

Every golfer wants a durable equipment. Garmin Approach Z82 GPS is durable. Its strong wrist mount ensures it will be your valued golfing companion for years to come. Choose a device that lasts, don’t skimp.

Easy Navigation Interface

Golf course navigation shouldn’t be difficult. The Garmin Approach Z82’s UI simplifies golfing. A wide, easy-to-read 10-inch screen makes obtaining vital information simple. Bluetooth connectivity lets you easily pair the gadget with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to never miss an essential notification or update.

Utilise North American Maps

New golf courses and unknown terrain are thrilling. Garmin Approach Z82 GPS with North American maps travels with you. Navigate regional courses easily and maximise your potential. Let the Z82 light your way to success with every swing.

Long-Lasting Battery for Uninterrupted Play

Golfers need a technology that can keep up with them. The Garmin Approach Z82’s 15-hour battery life is amazing. Forget frequent recharges and enjoy the game knowing the Z82 will be there till the last hole.

Portable, Compact Design

Rangefinders should be portable and convenient. Compact Garmin Approach Z82 GPS embodies these qualities. It fits easily in your golf bag or pocket at 3.14 x 1.7 x 4.8 inches. The wrist mount also lets you quickly reach the device, letting you focus on the game.

In conclusion

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS enhances golfing. Integrate accuracy, precision, and user-friendliness to maximise your golfing potential. This impressive rangefinder will improve your game regardless of skill level. Golf like never before with the Garmin Approach Z82. Success awaits.

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Garmin Approach Z82 GPS  First Hand Review Video

Video Source: David Maxfield Golf


  1. The large screen size of 10 inches makes it easy to read information on the device.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless integration with other devices.
  3. With a battery life of 15 hours, you can use the device for an entire round without having to recharge it.
  4. The North American maps make it easy to navigate courses in the region.
  5. The compact design and wrist mount make it easy to carry around and access the device.



Brand Garmin
Model Name GRAPPZ82
Screen Size 10 Inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Map Type North America

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2)Garmin Approach G30 GPS

Best golf gps

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Golfers deserve quality gear. GPS leader Garmin aids. Golfers use the Garmin Approach G30 GPS for easy navigation and informed decisions. It withstands course challenges.

Clear Immersion

Garmin Approach G30 GPS’s 2.3-inch colour touchscreen is crystal clear. Its simple interface provides hole data. Change your gaming experience with vivid views and clean images.

Real-Time Connection

Bluetooth-enabled Garmin Approach G30 GPS updates. Pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device to get real-time notifications. Follow golf and non-golf news.

World Golf

Golf worldwide with Garmin Approach G30 GPS. This amazing golfing compass has global maps. Master every course.

Passion-Proof Endurance

Be great with low battery. The Garmin Approach G30 GPS lasts 15 hours, enough for a round of golf. Knowing your trusted companion can keep up, optimise your potential, and focus on your game.

Ready-to-Go Package

The Garmin Approach G30 GPS is convenient. USB cord, belt clip, and full guidebook included. If you know the basics, you can start golfing without buying gear.

Approach G30 GPS Aids Golfers

Finally, the Garmin Approach G30 GPS is a technological marvel that delivers golfers unrivalled utility. Improve your game, experience cutting-edge technology, and find yourself on the course. Its immersive display and easy connectivity improve golfing. Garmin Approach G30 GPS boosts talents. Confidence on the course with a tool that recognises your gaming passion. Garmin Approach G30 GPS optimises every swing.

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Garmin Approach G30 GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Golf Guy Reviews


  1. With a screen size of 2.3 inches, the device is compact and easy to read.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless integration with other devices.
  3. With a battery life of 15 hours, you can use the device for an entire round without having to recharge it.
  4. The worldwide maps make it easy to navigate courses all over the world.
  5. The USB cable, belt clip, and manual included in the box make it easy to get started right away.



Item Dimensions 2.1 x 0.8 x 3 inches
Brand Garmin
Screen Size 2.3 Inches
Special Feature Bluetooth
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth

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3)Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS

Best golf gps

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Wearable4U leads golf-specific wearable technologies. Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS shows quality. It’s elegant and functional. A lens cloth cleans the screen.

Unmatched Portability

Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS is lightweight. This 0.67 x 2.28 x 2.95-inch golf accessory doesn’t effect your game. It fits in your pocket or on your wrist with the strap for easy access throughout every swing. Play freely and concentrate.

Ready-to-Use Convenience

Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS reduces accessory hunting. This fantastic gadget has batteries, so you may use it immediately. You may improve your golfing skills and make wise selections on the course. Worry-free Wearable4U.

Golf Better.

The Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS changes golf for everyone. Its intuitive design and cutting-edge technologies allow you navigate the course and choose clubs with confidence. Beginners and pros love the Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS.


Golfers need Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS. Design, functionality, and convenience make this device ideal for golfing. The Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS’s sleek black look, portability, ready-to-use convenience, and game-enhancing features will exceed your expectations. Improve your game, choose wisely, and enjoy excellence. Golf like never before with the Wearable4U Phantom 2 GPS.

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Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: The Golf Shop Online


  1. The compact size of 0.67 x 2.28 x 2.95 inches makes it easy to carry around and access.
  2. The black color and lens cloth included in the package help keep the device clean.
  3. Batteries are included, so you can start using the device right away.
  4. Specifically designed for golf, with features that help golfers make informed decisions on the course.
  5. A great investment for golfers looking to improve their game.



Brand Wearable4U
Are Batteries Included Yes
Color Black+Lens Cloth
Sport Type Golf
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.67 x 2.28 x 2.95 inches

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4)Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS

Best golf gps

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The Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS simplifies course navigation. This cutting-edge technology provides accurate layup and hazard distances to help you make smart shots. The crystal-clear yardage display lets you rapidly assess the course and determine the best strategy. Accurate yardage information at your fingertips replaces guesswork.

Easily Switch Courses

Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS’s adaptability across courses is a major benefit. Its sophisticated identification mechanism makes switching courses easy. This device provides course-specific information wherever you golf. Focus on enhancing your game with smooth transitions.

Instant Convenience

Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS makes golfing easier. Its tiny size makes it easy to attach to your backpack or cart. This device provides quick access to critical information throughout the game. Its capacity to save information for many courses is a game-changer for frequent golf travellers.

Centre Yardage Improves Accuracy

Every golfer strives for precision. Centre yardage on the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS helps you do it. This device helps you shoot better by giving you accurate readings. Forget uneven distances and embrace a new level of precision that will wow yourself and other players.

Golfing Journey Investment

For golfers looking to improve, the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS is a must-have. This item embodies innovation and performance, carefully crafted. The Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS can improve your game whether you’re a pro or a beginner. Unleash your golfing potential.

Get the best golfing technology now. Discover the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS’s endless game-improvement possibilities. Use its unique qualities to win and redefine golf success. Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS—the future of golfing.

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Bushnell Golf Phantom 2 GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: The Golf Shop Online


  1. With a compact size of 0.67 x 2.28 x 2.95 inches and weight of 7.83 ounces, the device is easy to carry around.
  2. The screen size of 2.2 inches is large enough to read information on the screen.
  3. The device uses GPS technology to help golfers navigate the course and make informed decisions.
  4. North American maps make it easy to navigate courses in the region.
  5. Designed to work with golf carts, making it easy to mount the device and access it throughout the game.



Product Dimensions ‏ : 0.67 x 2.28 x 2.95 inches; 7.83 Ounces
Brand Bushnell
Model Name Phantom 2
Vehicle Service Type golf cart
Screen Size 2.2 Inches

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5)Garmin Approach G10  GPS 

Best golf gps

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The Garmin Approach G10 GPS fits in your palm and is a golfing companion. This convenient item fits in your pocket or on your golf bag without affecting your swing. No cumbersome distractions! The 23mm-thick Garmin Approach G10 GPS lets you move gracefully around the course.

Course Layout Reveal

Imagine standing on the tee, analysing the fairway ahead, but unsure of the twists and turns. Garmin Approach G10 GPS helps. This remarkable technology shows intricate fairway and green details, giving you crucial course layout knowledge. You may confidently strategize and execute shots by recognising each hole’s challenges.

Fast Satellite Acquisition for Smooth Performance

Golf requires speed. Garmin Approach G10 GPS keeps you on time. Its fast satellite acquisition lets you focus on your next shot. Avoid delays and frustrations. Maintain momentum by smoothly transitioning between strokes.

Garmin QA

Garmin dominates GPS devices. Garmin, an industry leader, designed the Approach G10 GPS for golfers. You’re buying a product that’s reliable and built to last during your golfing experience. The Garmin Approach G10 GPS can withstand every swing, chip, and putt.

Quick Clarity

Golfing excellence requires clarity. The Garmin Approach G10 GPS’s 1.3-inch screen displays critical information clearly. Clarity—no squinting or uncertainty. Read distances, risks, and course data easily to make game-changing decisions.

Conquer North American Courses

Golfing across North America? Garmin Approach G10 GPS covers you. Its detailed North American maps make exploring local courses easy. Explore new fairways and greens without fear of getting lost. Golf with confidence using the Garmin Approach G10 GPS.

Improve Your Game Regardless of Skill

Garmin Approach G10 GPS flexibility is its charm. This incredible gizmo can improve your game whether you’re a novice or an experienced golfer. Take its advice and see your shots, strategy, and performance improve. Golf is limitless with the Garmin Approach G10 GPS.

The Garmin Approach G10 GPS is the perfect golfing companion, designed to improve your game and boost your confidence. Its small size, fast satellite collection, and unmatched accuracy set it apart. Why accept mediocrity when you can achieve greatness? Use the Garmin Approach G10 GPS to achieve greatness on the course. Unleash your full potential and make every round a mastery journey.

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Garmin Approach G10  GPS  First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Garmin Retail Training


  1. The compact size of 0.7 x 1.5 x 2 inches makes it easy to carry around in your pocket.
  2. The screen size of 1.3 inches is large enough to read information on the screen.
  3. The device uses GPS technology to help golfers navigate the course and make informed decisions.
  4. North American maps make it easy to navigate courses in the region.
  5. The device is alcohol-free, which means it won’t interfere with your game.



Brand Garmin
Model Name Approach
Screen Size 1.3 Inches
Special Feature Alcohol-Free
Connectivity technologies GPS

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6)SkyCaddie SX550 GPS

Best golf gps

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The PlayBetter SX550 GPS is the ultimate game-changer for enthusiastic golfers who want to improve. This incredible gizmo will change how you navigate and strategy during rounds. Expect an unforgettable golfing experience. Let’s explore the PlayBetter SX550 GPS’s performance-enhancing capabilities.

Unlocking Precision Navigation

Golf requires precision. PlayBetter’s SX550 GPS establishes new accuracy and performance standards. This golfer-specific device provides detailed course information and helps you make smart selections. Its advanced technology provides real-time updates and accurate readings, keeping you ahead on the green.

Weatherproof durability

Your love for the game won’t be hampered by nature. Water-resistant, the PlayBetter SX550 GPS can withstand the worst situations. This device supports your golfing excursion regardless of weather. The SX550 GPS provides precise data in all weather, helping you conquer any course.

Easy Navigation Features

The PlayBetter SX550 GPS has a large 5.5-inch touchscreen for a unique user experience. The golfer-specific features make navigation and decision-making easy. Explore the easy interface to confidently and precisely execute every shot.

Golf Globally

Golfers looking to explore new territories might use the PlayBetter SX550 GPS. Its global map lets you confidently try new courses. This device guides you through any golfing terrain. PlayBetter SX550 GPS lets you play the world’s best courses.

Redefining Portability

Golfers have changing needs, and the PlayBetter SX550 GPS responds perfectly. This device fits easily inside your golf bag at 9.06 x 7.01 x 5.08 inches and 1.72 pounds. Carry your beloved buddy wherever you golf. The PlayBetter SX550 GPS is lightweight and portable, helping you reach golfing greatness.

PlayBetter SX550 GPS Improves Game

Ready to unleash your golfing potential? PlayBetter SX550 GPS. This essential purchase is designed for golfers like you, giving unmatched performance, durability, and straightforward features. The PlayBetter SX550 GPS will help you navigate, make smart decisions, and improve your game regardless of ability level. Prepare for a golfing experience that will fuel your enthusiasm and change your game.

Start this fascinating trip today and watch the PlayBetter SX550 GPS improve your game swing every swing.

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SkyCaddie SX550 GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Golf Tips


  1. The large 5.5-inch touchscreen is easy to use and navigate.
  2. Worldwide maps make it easy to navigate courses all over the world.
  3. USB connectivity allows for easy updates and course downloads.
  4. The device is specifically designed for golf, with features that help golfers make informed decisions on the course.
  5. The package size and weight make it easy to carry around in your golf bag.



Package Dimensions ‏ : 9.06 x 7.01 x 5.08 inches; 1.72 Pounds
Brand PlayBetter
Screen Size 5.5 Inches
Special Feature Touchscreen
Connectivity Technology USB

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Best golf gps 2023-Complete Buying Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to pick the best golf GPS for your game. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, there are countless options available that can help you make the perfect shot.

In this guide, we will go through the various elements that go into making an effective golf GPS system, from the hardware and software components to the various features and capabilities each offers. We’ll also take a look at some of the most popular brands and models on offer, giving you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

By the end of this guide, you will have a complete understanding of what goes into selecting a great golf GPS unit, allowing you to make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs. Let’s get started!

Explanation of a golf GPS

A golf GPS (Global Positioning System) is a hand-held device that measures the distance you need to hit your tee shot or the green on each hole. It can also tell you which club to use, what hazards are in the way, wind direction and speed, and much more.

Golf GPS devices can come in different shapes and sizes, but generally they will look like a small PDA or smartphone. The screen is typically about an inch or two big and it allows for quick scrolling over menus to choose your desired topic of information. To get started, most golfers simply select the course they are playing from the list of available courses. Other information such as recent strokes, target distances, and other tips may also be provided with some GPS units. The battery life can vary depending on usage – usually around one full 18-hole round – but this varies depending on make/model.

Many players swear by using a golf GPS for their rounds as it helps to put all of their necessary information into one compact device that is easy to take with them wherever they go. This eliminates the hassle of carrying bulky scorecards or having multiple devices along with them as they walk around each hole – saving both time and energy so that they can focus on their game! It can be particularly useful at unfamiliar courses as well due to its ability to offer valuable insight into features like greenside bunkers or water hazards before even making contact with the ball.

Purpose of the guide

Best golf gps


This guide is to help you make an informed decision when choosing a GPS golf rangefinder. The purpose is to provide the user with objective and comprehensive information on best rangefinders available in the market and help them in making an informed purchase decision.

We’ll discuss what a GPS golf rangefinder is, how they work, the various types of rangefinders available and their features, possible ways to compare and differentiate between different offerings and any other important information necessary for choosing the right rangefinder. Our full buying guide reviews any noteworthy models for photographers of all levels – from those looking for entry-level devices to experienced shooters needing professional features like:

  • “Slope compensation” mode
  • “Target lock” display
  • Accurate measurement units
  • Screen flexibility
  • And much more.

Importance of having a golf GPS in 2023

Having a golf GPS in the Twenty-First Century has become an essential part of playing the sport. The technology provides the golfer with invaluable information before, during and after a round. It can help golfers to plan their strategies and decide on which club to use by supplying data on course layout, distances, hazards and green speeds. Additionally, improvements in technology now even allow for automatic scoring features, including tracking of putts per hole and fairways hit.

Using a golf GPS in 2023 potentially gives you an advantage over other players as it cuts out the need for lengthy manual calculations or attempts to estimate distances on your own. It can also help players identify their strengths and weaknesses on each course; allowing them to strategize new or improved methods for playing each hole. Golf GPS’ have become vital pieces of equipment for low handicap golfers who aim to improved their game over time. Knowing yardages for every shot is extremely helpful when trying work out approaches or club selection.

Features to Consider when Buying a Golf GPS

For those who are new to the world of golf GPS, it can be daunting to find your way around the features available and choose what’s best for you. So before investing in a Golf GPS, take some time to review and understand these features:

  • Weight: Aside from cost, one of the main factors you should consider is weight. Some Golf GPS units may be slightly heavier than others, and if you’re someone who needs to carry their rangefinder with them while they play a few rounds, having a lightweight option can be quite beneficial.
  • Screen Size: Golf GPS devices usually feature two types of screens – full-color touchscreens or monochrome LCDs and both of these options will vary in size based on manufacturer preference. If portability is important to you then look for units with smaller screens that can easily fit in your hand or pocket for easy on-the-go access.
  • Battery Life: A good battery is an absolute must when searching for the perfect golf GPS device because these handy gadgets use a fair bit of power when tracking your position throughout a game. Keep an eye out for models that offer extended battery lives so you don’t end up running out after just one round.
  • Maps/Courses: Most modern golf GPS devices will come pre-installed with multiple courses making it easy for players to switch between layouts without major disruption or loss of data. Many advanced models also have additional features such as voice assistance which can be used during play which helps guide users towards their desired hole easier than ever before!

Display size and type

When it comes to golf GPS, it is essential to choose the right display size for your needs. The larger the display, the better positioned you are to read information easily and quickly without compromising on accuracy. The type of display chosen can also influence how you read information from your device – some feature color LCD screens that are easier to follow than standard black and white LCD.

Consider what type of screen will be most useful for you; whether its high resolution and small fonts or larger fonts with more simplified graphics. Additionally, look out for sun-light readable displays which can help when playing in intense sunlight or glare conditions.

Battery life

When considering various golf GPS units, battery life is an important factor. The last thing you want is to run out of power on the course halfway through a round. Different models offer varying lengths of battery life – usually ranging from 7-12 hours on a single charge. Some models also may require replacement batteries other than standard rechargeable lithium-ion cells, so make sure to check that as well during your research.

Ultimately, it’s best to go with a device that offers at least 10 hours of uninterrupted game time and can be recharged quickly between rounds.

Water resistance

When selecting a golf GPS device, it’s important to consider its water resistance specs. Many devices on the market are rated IP67 or better, meaning they can be submerged in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. This is important if you are playing in wet conditions or need to use the device while submerged in a cart as some golf courses require. Additionally, better-rated waterproof systems can handle rain and splashing without any issues.

It’s worth noting that many devices have a moisture sensor that will shut off the device if it senses too much water has been exposed, which is good for safety measures when playing in the rain. Make sure to check the specs of each device before making your purchase to ensure it will serve its purpose out on the course correctly and safely.

Course maps and updates

Course maps and updates can be an important factor in choosing the best golf GPS. Course maps come preloaded on many devices, but others require a purchase or subscription to get access. Look for a golf GPS with a selection of free maps, as well as convenient updates and downloadable courses. Most devices come with 1-2 free course downloads, but some offer more than 500. Updates should also be easy to install and download. Course updates should include full-color, detailed satellite photographs and scorecards for each hole. Many models provide 3D flyovers, so you can see the whole course ahead of time before you tee off.

Additionally, look for units that allow you to save strategies like yardages off the box, hazards, GPS tip and target pins so you can quickly track your game over multiple rounds while customizing your strategy on each hole.


In conclusion, your choice of golf GPS device largely depends on the features that are most important to you. Whether it’s a lightweight option, ease-of-use or comprehensive stats tracking, there are plenty of options to choose from. In our research, we found that overall the Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS is our top choice based on features, accuracy and usability.

The accuracy results from our tests showed why the Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS is an excellent choice for those who want reliable performance. It is also easy to use and tracks more than 40 thousand preloaded courses in more than 30 countries. The scorekeeper feature lets you keep track of your games and track your progress over time. Additionally, it provide hazard locations along with automatic holes advance and statistic tracking for up to four players – perfect for those headed out with their friends that don’t have a caddy cart!

No matter what you’re looking for in a golf GPS device, there’s likely an option that will meet your needs with technology changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up! However, these experts have tested out many different models to help you make the best decision possible. We hope this guide has been helpful and you can find just what you need when shopping for your next device!



What is the most accurate golf watch 2022?

There is no one specific golf watch that is the most accurate for all golfers. However, many golfers consider the Garmin Approach S62, the Bushnell Phantom, and the SkyCaddie SX550 to be among the most accurate golf watches on the market.

Can I use my phone as a golf GPS?

Yes, you can use your phone as a golf GPS by downloading a golf GPS app.

Which GPS golf watch has the best battery life?

Some of the golf watches with the best battery life include the Garmin Approach S62, the TomTom Golfer 2, and the SkyCaddie SX550.

Is it worth getting a golf GPS watch?

It is worth getting a golf GPS watch if you want an easier and quicker way to get yardage information on the course. A GPS watch can also help you improve your game by providing information on hazards and other course features.

What watch did Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods has worn a number of different watches throughout his career, including a Rolex Daytona and a TAG Heuer Aquaracer.

Do pro golfers use GPS watches?

Many pro golfers do use GPS watches, including Rory McIlroy, who uses a Garmin Approach S60.

Do any pro golfers wear watches?

Yes, many pro golfers wear watches, including smartwatches and GPS watches, for both personal and professional reasons.

How accurate is Garmin golf?

Garmin golf devices, including the Garmin Approach S62 and the Garmin Approach S60, are known for their accuracy and are widely used by golfers of all levels.

What kind of watch does Rory McIlroy wear?

Rory McIlroy wears a Garmin Approach S60 golf watch.

Which watch has the best GPS accuracy?

The accuracy of a GPS watch can vary, but some of the most accurate watches on the market include the Garmin Approach S62, the Bushnell Phantom, and the SkyCaddie SX 550.


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