Best gps for overlanding 2023

Looking to explore off-roading and overlanding without getting lost? You’re in luck, because finding the perfect GPS for your 2023 overlanding trip has never been easier. With this complete guide, you’ll learn which features to prioritize and make a smart buying decision. From navigating uncharted terrain to tracking your entire journey, this guide will help you find your way.

Best gps for overlanding 2023

  1. Garmin Overlander GPS (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Garmin Overlander  Bluetooth GPS (Best Overall)
  3. Garmin Overlander 7  Navigator GPS (Budget Friendly)
  4. PlayBetter Store  Tread XL Overland  GPS 
  5. Wearable4U Store  Overlander GPS
  6. Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS
  7. Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS

1)Garmin Overlander GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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The Garmin Overlander GPS is your reliable off-road friend. This GPS lets you carefully plan your next excursion with its extensive preloaded POIs and 4×4 road boundaries. Explore uncharted places, find hidden gems, and make amazing experiences effortlessly.

Safely Connected

Garmin Overlander GPS lets off-roaders easily coordinate. Its simple UI lets you share your location with other explorers. You can maximise your outdoor adventures with the device’s excellent tracking capabilities. Abandon doubts and start your adventure with confidence.

Unleash Unmatched Navigation

Garmin Overlander GPS is the best GPS navigation gadget for outdoor enthusiasts. This robust masterpiece is designed to overcome the toughest terrains, whether hiking, camping, or off-roading.

Immersive Navigation Any Terrain

The Garmin Overlander GPS’s 6.95-inch display provides unmatched clarity and depth to easily navigate various environments. This device’s detailed topographical map lets you navigate even the toughest terrains. When you’re not off-roading, its street maps ensure you get there without a hitch. This wonderful GPS will follow your adventurous spirit anywhere.

Seamless Connectivity for Unmatched Convenience

You’re always connected with the Garmin Overlander GPS. Wireless connectivity lets you easily sync your device with your smartphone or other compatible devices. Enjoy real-time updates, traffic information, and mobile notifications. You may now explore and connect.

Built to Last

Garmin Overlander GPS withstands tough outdoor conditions. This tough device is 7.84 x 0.93 x 4.79 inches and extremely portable. Its sturdy design guarantees it can survive the harshest weather. This GPS will let you navigate difficult off-road trails or camp beneath the stars.

Garmin Overlander GPS, embrace adventure.

The Garmin Overlander GPS is a great navigation gadget for outdoor adventurers. Its topographical and street maps guide you through varied terrains, and its wifi internet keeps you connected to the digital world. Its tiny size and sturdy design make it durable and portable. The Garmin Overlander GPS is the best outdoor GPS for reliability and confidence.

Prepare for exhilarating excursions, magnificent scenery, and lifelong memories. With the Garmin Overlander GPS, follow your wanderlust to new places.

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Garmin Overlander GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: 4xoverland


  1. Large 6.95-inch screen size for easy navigation
  2. Comes with topographical and street maps of North America
  3. Wireless connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  4. Rugged design for durability in tough outdoor environments
  5. Compact item dimensions for easy portability.



Brand Garmin
Model Name Garmin 010-02195-00
Screen Size 6.95 Inches
Connectivity technologies Wireless

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2)Garmin Overlander  Bluetooth GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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The suction cup installation of the Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS makes dashboard mounting easy. This simple installation gives you a good road vision on your thrilling adventures. With this cutting-edge GPS device and its robust guarantee, you can confidently navigate. The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS provides unmatched accuracy and reliability wherever your trip takes you.

Navigate with Confidence

The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS is the perfect automobile navigation gadget. This GPS device navigates metropolitan streets and picturesque road excursions with precision and real-time information. The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS is the best navigation companion due to its impressive features.

Video Immersion

The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS’s 6.95-inch screen provides an unmatched view of the road ahead. Its stunning display shows every turn, so you never miss a beat. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow seamless integration with your smartphone and other compatible devices. While driving, easily obtain important information.

Road Intelligence

North American road networks and highways are accurately and up-to-date on the Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS. With this clever companion, you can overcome uncertainty and successfully navigate the most difficult terrain. The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS will illuminate your next amazing experience.

Sleek Design, Easy Usability

The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS’s dashboard mount makes installation and use easy. Its black and grey colour combination elevates your car’s dashboard. This GPS unit is extremely portable at 7.84 x 0.93 x 4.79 inches.

Easy Navigation

The Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS is the best car navigation gadget. Its 6.95-inch screen, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity make navigation easy on all terrains. The North American map type provides accurate road information, and the stylish dashboard mount enhances your driving experience. Enjoy endless travels with the Garmin Overlander Bluetooth GPS.

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Garmin Overlander  Bluetooth GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Lifestyle Overland


  1. Large 6.95-inch screen size for easy navigation
  2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. Comes with a dashboard mount for easy installation
  4. Compact item dimensions for easy portability
  5. Stylish black and grey color adds elegance to your car’s dashboard.



Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type Car
Screen Size 6.95 Inches

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3)Garmin Overlander 7  Navigator GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS is unique. It works seamlessly with your smartphone, letting you use voice commands for a smart, hands-free experience. Off-road navigation’s future is here.

Durable, Impressive

Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS is your reliable outdoor companion. Its elegant style comes in grey and black. This GPS device is easy to use and convenient whether you wear it or use the suction cup.

Reliability Backed by Warranty

Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS has a full warranty. This vital coverage gives you the piece of mind you need to enjoy overlanding without worry.

Unmatched Accuracy and Real-Time Information

Maximise Outdoor Exploration

The Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS is essential for hikers, campers, trekkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Discover how accurate, real-time location, route, and surroundings may enhance your outdoor adventures.

Easy Navigation Features

The Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS elevates your navigating experience with its many features. Its 7-inch screen displays vibrant and precise information, so you never miss a beat when travelling different terrains. Bluetooth technology lets you easily link your GPS gadget to your smartphone or other compatible devices.

Crystal-Clear Resolution for Uncompromising Clarity

The Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS has a stunning display. This device displays crystal-clear visuals at 480 x 272 pixels, ensuring you never miss important landmarks or areas of interest during your trip.

Superior Portability and User-Friendliness

Portable Convenience

The Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS has a wrist mount for easy outdoor use. Its elegant grey and black colour combination enhances its remarkable design. With 64 GB of RAM, you may keep maps, routes, and important data without worry.

Explore Today!

Finally, the Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its 7-inch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and high quality make navigation easy across many terrains. This GPS device is essential for brave explorers due to its wrist mount, attractive design, and large memory capacity.

Overland Navigation Today:

Explore endlessly with the Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS. This remarkable device offers unmatched accuracy, clever connectivity, and intuitive usability to maximise your outdoor adventures. Create unforgettable memories without hesitation. Use the Garmin Overlander 7 Navigator GPS to create amazing journeys.

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Garmin Overlander 7  Navigator GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Lifestyle Overland


  1. Large 7-inch screen size for clear and detailed information
  2. Bluetooth connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. Wrist mount for easy carrying during outdoor activities
  4. High memory storage capacity of 64 GB
  5. Sharp resolution of 480 x 272 pixels for clear images.



Brand Garmin
Screen Size 7 Inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Mounting Type Wrist Mount, found in image

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4)PlayBetter Store  Tread XL Overland  GPS 

Best gps for overlanding

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The PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS will let you navigate unexplored terrain. This device provides accurate direction and security with Garmin GPS compatibility and a strong locking mechanism. It also includes a PlayBetter Power Bank for on-the-go charging.

Efficiency Redefined: PlayBetter Store Tread XL

Let’s look at what makes the PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS so powerful. Off-roading aficionados, whether on ATVs or snowmobiles, will love this equipment. This GPS device lets you confidently navigate different terrains with real-time, accurate information. Even in faraway locations, embrace the security of accurate, up-to-date data.

Connectivity and Interface

The PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS’s 5.5-inch touchscreen displays the terrain in crystal-clear detail. It seamlessly integrates into your electronic ecosystem thanks to its advanced Bluetooth connectivity. This innovation lets you easily access several functions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Conquer New Horizons Confidently

The PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS is built for extreme outdoor environments. Its ruggedness and specialised features make it suitable for hunting, off-roading, and camping. This device is weatherproof, so you may confidently explore.

Explore: Lasting Power

What good is a GPS device that can’t keep up with your infinite spirit of adventure? The PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS’s 6-hour battery life solves this problem. Abandon constant recharging and appreciate uninterrupted travels beyond the ordinary. With this power, you can explore new places, climb new mountains, and make lifelong memories.

PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS: Unforgettable Journeys

The PlayBetter Store Tread XL Overland GPS ignites your enthusiasm for off-roading and propels you towards extraordinary adventures. Using the 5.5-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, and precise topographical maps, explore.

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PlayBetter Store  Tread XL Overland  GPS  First Hand Review Video

Video Source: yori niculescu


  1. 5.5-inch touchscreen for clear and detailed view of the terrain
  2. Bluetooth connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. Rugged design for durability in harsh outdoor environments
  4. Topographical map type for accurate and up-to-date information
  5. Long battery life of up to 6 hours for extended use.



Brand PlayBetter
Model Name Tread – Base Edition
Vehicle Service Type ATV, Snowmobile
Screen Size 5.5 Inches

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5)Wearable4U Store  Overlander GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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Finding the ideal overlanding partner? The feature-rich Wearable4U Store Overlander GPS increases exploring. This GPS has campsite directions and precise maps for outdoor enthusiasts like you.

Accurate Land Navigation

Wearable4U Overlander GPS is accurate. No more bushwhacking or getting lost. It helps you navigate. The Overlander GPS helps you outdoors and in town.

Advanced Functions

The Wearable4U Store Overlander GPS is precise and feature-rich. The 6.95-inch touchscreen illuminates your path. This item connects to smartphones and other devices through Wi-Fi.

Simple Navigation

Wearable4U Store Overlander GPS simplifies unfamiliar terrain. Touchscreens are easy to use while driving. This GPS eliminates complex menus and tiny wording.

It’s Durable

Overlanders understand wilderness hardship. Thus, Wearable4U Store’s Overlander GPS is weatherproof. For camping, climbing, and trekking, its strong structure lasts. This 7.84 x 0.93 x 4.79-inch tablet is great for travelling.

Best Navigation Method

The Wearable4U Store Overlander GPS is the best overlanding navigation device. Its 6.95-inch touchscreen, excellent Wi-Fi, and user-friendly interface set it apart. Outdoor activities suit its sturdiness and portability.

Get lost in nature. Take amazing trips with Wearable4U Store Overlander GPS. Overland better today!

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Wearable4U Store  Overlander GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Rogue Overland


  1. Large 6.95-inch touchscreen for clear and detailed view of the road
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. Special touchscreen feature for easy use while driving
  4. Rugged design for durability in harsh outdoor environments
  5. Product dimension for easy portability.



Brand Wearable4U
Model Name Overlander
Vehicle Service Type Car
Screen Size 6.95 Inches

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6)Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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Outdoor enthusiasts can use the Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS. This device is extremely convenient and easy to use thanks to its Garmin mount and USB-C cord. The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS is perfect for camping and difficult hikes.

Outdoor Navigation Immersion

Lost in the wilderness? No more. You’ll master navigation with the Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS. This device delivers accurate outdoor direction with preloaded topographic maps. Leave doubt behind and enjoy a worry-free trip.

Lasting Power

Explorers hate running out of battery mid-adventure. The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS has a powerful 2200mAh battery. With this power pack bundle, you’ll always have energy for your travels. Stay connected and charged while exploring nature.

Superior Portability

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS cleverly balances mobility and capability. Its tiny and lightweight design lets you carry it everywhere. Stay connected and experience innovative technologies while travelling. Explore freely.

Car Potential Unleashed

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS is great for hiking and car navigation. A power pack with a USB cord and car charger included with this outstanding GPS device. Accuracy and real-time information help you navigate city streets and long road trips.

Road Ahead Visible

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS has a 10.1-inch screen for a superb, immersive picture of the road ahead. No more tiny screens or hard-to-read maps. This gizmo illuminates every detail so you never miss a turn or landmark.

Always Connected

USB interface lets the Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS connect to your computer or other devices. Data sharing and device updates are easy. Stay connected to your digital world and use the accurate and up-to-date North American map type for optimised navigation.

Nature Resistant

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS can handle harsh conditions. Its durable design and distinctive features make it ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. This device can tolerate tough settings, letting you focus on what matters—being outdoors.

Carry It

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS has been carefully built for explorers. This device is easily portable at 13.23 x 10.35 x 6.73 inches and 2.05 pounds. Heavy equipment must go. Travel light and explore with ease.

Best Outdoor Companion

Outdoor enthusiasts need the Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS. Its wide screen, USB connectivity, and realistic North American maps allow you to confidently navigate different terrains. This device enhances outdoor adventures with its robust design, compact size, and cutting-edge technology. With the Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS, explore the world.

The Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS makes your journey extraordinary.

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Wearable4U Power Pack Bundle GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Pedal Power


  1. Large 10.1-inch screen size for clear and detailed view of the road
  2. USB connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. North American map type for accurate and up-to-date information
  4. Rugged design for durability in harsh outdoor environments
  5. Power pack bundle including USB charging cable and car charger for convenient charging.



Package Dimensions ‏ : 13.23 x 10.35 x 6.73 inches; 2.05 Pounds
Brand Wearable4U
Model Name Tread XL Overland
Vehicle Service Type Car

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7)Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS

Best gps for overlanding

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The Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS excels on any journey. Powering up with an EVA cigarette lighter USB connector makes it handy to use in your car. No more battery drain or awkward power sources. This GPS is built for adventure.

Multifunctional Perfection

The Garmin Overlander has numerous USB connections for charging multiple devices. Never miss a beat by staying connected and charged. Its multifunction deco navigation system makes it ideal for off-roading and overlanding. This GPS will get you there precisely.

Convenient Design

The Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS is perfect for travelling. Its portability makes it excellent for any adventure, whether a road trip or a major expedition. Mount it to your liking and drive confidently knowing that this reliable device will handle your navigation needs.

Most Dependable

The Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS is unmatched in automotive navigation systems. This remarkable equipment is reliable and efficient. It provides accurate, real-time information so you never get lost. Its extensive features make it the best navigation device.

Visuals and Connectivity

The Garmin Overlander’s 7-inch screen provides a crisp and detailed road view. It’s a visual feast that elevates navigation. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity let you easily connect your smartphone or other compatible devices for seamless integration and additional features.

Informative Exploration

The Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS provides precise and up-to-date road and highway information for North America. Avoid traffic, find hidden gems, and know the best ways. Use this GPS gadget to navigate remarkable excursions with confidence.

Exploit 64 GB

Garmin Overlander has 64 GB of memory. This large space lets you save and access many maps, routes, and other important information. Never lose data or run out of storage. This device puts all your navigation tools at your fingertips for exploring.

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Garmin Overlander On/Off-Road Bluetooth GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: My Jeep Story


  1. Large 7-inch screen size for clear and detailed view of the road
  2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity technology for easy device connectivity
  3. North American map type for accurate and up-to-date information
  4. High resolution of 480 x 272 pixels for sharp and clear images
  5. Memory storage capacity of 64 GB for storing maps and routes.




Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type Car
Screen Size 7 Inches
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

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Best gps for overlanding 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Choosing the right GPS is an important decision when out on an overland journey. A good GPS will provide you with accurate navigation to keep you on track, as well as features that help navigate any terrain’s unique challenges no matter the climate or conditions.

When searching for the best GPS for overlanding in 2021, there are a few key elements to consider. This guide will help break down the best features and characteristics to keep in mind when selecting a GPS for your next adventure.

From having a reliable interface and real-time tracking capabilities, to assessing the terrain capabilities and how easy it is to use, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the aspects that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a GPS for an overlanding trip. Allowing yourself enough time to carefully research each option before diving into your purchase will give you more peace of mind with your selection choice while out on adventures. Read on to discover what qualities make up an ideal GPS device specifically designed for overlanders seeking utility and reliability during any journey ahead.

Definition of overlanding

Best gps for overlanding

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Overlanding is the practice of travelling across remote or off-the-beaten-path locations for the purpose of self-reliance, exploration and adventure. It involves extended trips with (at least) one night spent outdoors, as well as the use of four-wheel drive vehicles and other modes of transport over any terrain. Whether you’re in the peaceful countryside or tackling more difficult off-road routes, overlanding requires an extensive knowledge base and careful planning to ensure a safe trip.

Having a reliable GPS navigation system is essential for any overlander looking to navigate unfamiliar or unmapped terrain. Before purchasing a GPS unit, it is important to consider your travel needs and preferences to determine which GPS is best for overlanding. In this guide we will provide an overview of various types of GPS systems for off road travel, discuss the various features offered by different models, explain how such features are beneficial for overlanding and round up our top recommended products for 2021.

Importance of GPS for overlanding

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The importance of having a reliable GPS for overlanding cannot be underestimated. It not only allows you to navigate in areas with access to proper maps, but it can also provide accurate location data, allowing you to find your way back if necessary. With GPS, travelers can confidently explore remote destinations they would never have attempted in the past due to being unsure of their exact location.

Additionally, having a dependable GPS system helps ensure your safety when on vacation. If an emergency arises and you need help quickly, a GPS system can provide the necessary information for first responders or other search parties to respond quickly and accurately – this is especially important in rural areas where cell phone coverage is limited.

For peace of mind and increased safety while off-roading, having a good quality GPS is essential. A reliable navigation system ensures that you will always know where you are and where you’re going so that you can fully enjoy all that nature has to offer without any worry of getting lost along the way.

Key Features to Look for in a GPS for Overlanding

When shopping for the ideal GPS for your overlanding adventures, there are some key features to look out for. These include the size of the screen, the type of screentouchscreen or button operated, and what type of maps are stored on it: basic cartography, topographical, shaded relief views, 3D fly-throughs, and more.

  • Screen Size: Having a large enough screen size is important to press buttons accurately and to make sense of your travels with a clear view of your waypoints and terrain; generally 6”/ 15 cm or larger is recommended.
  • Type of Screen: Touchscreen models provide faster access to menu options than knobs or buttons by simply pressing on its icons. While button-controlled systems require pushing several keys fastidiously in order to scroll through menus and maps. The toggle between touchscreen vs. standard controls often comes down to personal preference and budget.
  • Type of Maps: Preloaded off-road topographical maps are essential for reliable navigation with detailed backroads shown in shaded relief views as well as three-dimensional flyovers that give you an aerial view without having to take the time or money to plan an entire road trip from scratch!

Aside from these core features it’s worth considering additional add-ons such as geocaching capabilities that allow you go treasure hunting; trips recording features so returning journeys are easy; or even basemap software updates for free every couple years (depending on the model).

Durability and Water Resistance

When it comes to durability and water resistance, there are a few key points to consider. The most important factor is the construction of the GPS unit, as well as its material. It should have thick rubber seals and advanced waterproofing technology to ensure a longer lifespan even in inhospitable environments. The casing of the device should be shockproof and scratch-resistant, with an overall build quality that can withstand extreme temperatures and rough terrain. If you’re taking your GPS on an overland trip, make sure your device meets these requirements.

Other features that may be beneficial are mounts that allow the GPS to be securely attached to your vehicle or bicycle, making them easy to access while you’re traveling overland. You should also consider what other features you would like in a GPS unit such as:

  • Map memory capabilities
  • Navigational tools (such as compass software)
  • Route planning capabilities

All of these can enhance your overlanding experience by providing useful information and allowing for more efficient trips.

Navigation and Routing

Navigation and routing are two important features that are essential for any overlanding GPS system, and there are a few things to consider when researching for the best product for you. When navigating off-road, using route-finding technology will allow you to plot points along your way, and also keep track of where you’ve been. Look for GPS navigation systems with detailed maps and the ability to switch between 2D, 3D or plan views depending on what kind of information you need.

You should also pay attention to how quickly and accurately the system reroutes if you should deviate from your original path. Many models offer multiple ways to search for destinations, such as postcode, coordinates or street name. If you’re looking at more advanced models, some will utilise online mapping software so they always present you with up-to-date routes.

For those who frequently travel as part of their overlanding adventure, think about how important features like routable road networks or designed trail routing capabilities may be. It is also a good idea to check the number of waypoints available – many users have up frequented scenic spots that they want the GPS system to remember, so make sure yours has enough memory for holding all of those cherished destinations!

Map and Topographical Information

In addition to turn-by-turn instructions, good GPS units will also feature a base mapping system comprised of detailed roads and highways, points of interest such as restaurants, monuments and parks, signaling in certain models the inclusion of topographical information. It is important to check that your GPS has the features you expect. Depending on the manufacturer and model, some maps may contain only highways and roads while others include lakes, rivers, elevation divisions and more.

Topographical information is invaluable if you will be venturing off paved roads regularly. There are even some advanced systems that offer real-time tracking on the map so that other family members or friends can access your location in case of an unexpected event or emergency situation while you’re off-roading or exploring remote locations. Always check that any GPS device you’re considering includes the maps and topographical info relevant to your desired usage.

Battery Life and Power Management

When it comes to selecting your GPS, battery life and power management should be a major consideration. If you plan on being out in the wilderness for extended periods without access to normal power sources, then you will want to seek out a device with the longest battery life possible. Look for a product from a trusted manufacturer that provides its own power saving capabilities, has replaceable/rechargeable batteries, or offers an auxiliary solar charging system.

If you use your GPS for long trips, consider purchasing extra batteries and having them charged at regular intervals. Also take into consideration any additional features the device may have that could increase battery drain during long outdoor adventures such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are a variety of GPS units to choose from when considering Overlanding, ranging from small handheld devices to larger in-dash automotive navigation. When selecting a device, it is important to consider the features you need and find the best fit for your needs. Here are some factors to take into consideration before making your purchase:

  1. Device Display: How large and clear is the display? Is it backlit or touched-sensitive?
  2. Ways To Connect: Does the GPS unit have USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity?
  3. Versatility: Oftentimes you will use your device not only for road navigation but also for hiking, kayaking and more, so look for devices that provide support for a wide range of activities.
  4. Compatibility With Other Devices: Is the GPS capable of communicating with other electronic devices such as tablets or computers? If so, what types of data can be exchanged?
  5. Portability vs Longevity: For mobile use like on an ATV or motorcycle, you will want a smaller and lighter device that is easy to transport or store away when not in use. With larger in-dash units that remain permanently installed in vehicles, however, size and weight don’t matter as much because they don’t have to be moved around frequently.
  6. Durability & Waterproofness: What type of shock absorption does the casing provide? How waterproof/weather resistant is it, if any?
  7. Precision & Accuracy: A reliable satellite navigation should provide quick fix times along with accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA). The more channels built into your device’s receiver mean faster acquisition times and better accuracy compared against single channel units. Look for GPS systems with multiple channels like 12-channel receivers.

Purpose and Destination

When choosing a GPS device for overlanding, it is important to consider where you will be traveling and what type of terrain you will encounter. You’ll need a unit that is designed for off-road use and can handle tough conditions.

When determining the purpose of your device, consider whether you will need an adventure-style GPS or an all-purpose navigation system. Adventure navigators are designed specifically for terrain and often have advanced features such as route planning or tracking capabilities that make them ideal for overlanding trips. All-purpose navigation systems can be used for different types of travel, but many users find them to be lacking in features and functions specifically designed for off-road travel.

When selecting a device based on your destination, you should look at the available maps and base layers in order to determine if they fit your needs in terms of accuracy and coverage. Many GPS manufacturers provide detailed road maps, topographic maps and satellite imagery layers that are great for overlanding trips but may not be suitable if other types of navigation are required such as river navigation or sea route navigation. Additionally, some devices now offer terrain profiles which can give users insight into the contours ahead before committing to a path.

Vehicle and Trip Type

Before you purchase a GPS unit, first consider the type of vehicle and trips you plan to make. Different models are designed for different types of vehicles, such as cars or trucks, and some models are designed for outdoor activities. So if you will be taking your vehicle off-road for an off-roading adventure, you should look for a GPS model specifically meant for navigating rough terrain. Additionally, make sure to consider the size and weight of the GPS unit so that it is easily transportable between vehicles if necessary.

When choosing a model you should also think about the types of trips you are planning to take. Different trip types require certain features – such as long battery life or detailed topography maps – that may be included only in certain models. Additionally, some models come equipped with routing features specific to your trip type that can help guide you along your way with ease. Finally, some GPS units come with built-in Wi-Fi connections while others do not; Travelers looking to stay connected while on the road may want to consider investing in a unit with Wi-Fi capabilities in order to access real-time landmark information without needing an external connection.

Group Size and Companion Needs

When selecting a GPS for overlanding or general off-roading, the size of your group and the needs of other travelers in your group should play into your purchasing decision. Some GPS navigation systems contain features designed to help a group travel together. These might include:

  • Split-screen mapping to allow the driver and the navigator, who could be in separate locations, to view the same map at the same time;
  • Group tracking, which allows each vehicle’s progress in a convoy to be monitored as they travel;
  • Automated waypoint sharing capabilities that can be used to send information between vehicles; and
  • Wireless connections between different GPS units that make it possible to transfer data such as routes or photos from one device to another.

In addition, it is important to consider special navigation needs for those who may not drive. Some GPS devices contain routing support for handicap accessible paths or trails that offer greater maneuverability or lengthier routes on paths suitable for wheelchairs. With companion routing, one person can enter their destination into their device and then send this location wirelessly to other devices so that all travelers arrive at their destination together following the same route.


In conclusion, when shopping for the best GPS for your overlanding needs, make sure to look at key points such as power output and battery life. Additionally, you should consider factors such as cost and features like routing capabilities, special map downloads, and off-road navigation. Knowing these components ahead of time can help you make more informed decisions about the best GPS device for your needs.

Lastly don’t forget about subscription fees for features that you may need for your trips like satellite imagery or predictive weather forecasts. With this information in hand making a purchase decision is easier so that you can get back to the task of planning and prepping for your next amazing overland adventure!



What are the best maps for overlanding?

The best maps for overlanding vary depending on personal preference and the type of trip being planned. Some popular options include Hema maps, Garmin maps, and Maps.Me.

What is the best offroad GPS?

The best off-road GPS can vary based on the specific needs of the user, but some popular options include the Garmin Overlander, the Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon, and the Magellan TRX7 CS.

Can you use Garmin GPS for off-road?

Yes, Garmin GPS can be used for off-roading, specifically devices like the Garmin Overlander that are designed for this purpose.

Does Garmin Overlander come with Hema maps?

No, the Garmin Overlander does not come with Hema maps, but they can be purchased and loaded onto the device.

How many miles a day is overlanding?

The number of miles driven per day during overlanding varies greatly depending on the terrain and personal preference, but it is not uncommon to drive 100-200 miles per day.

Is overlanding the same as offroading?

Overlanding and off-roading are similar activities that involve driving on rough terrain, but overlanding generally refers to extended trips that can last for days or weeks, whereas off-roading is often a one-day activity.

Can I make money overlanding?

Yes, it is possible to make money through overlanding, for example by offering guided trips or renting out your vehicle and gear.

What do I really need for overlanding?

The necessary equipment for overlanding varies greatly based on the type of trip and personal preference, but common items include a sturdy vehicle, a quality tent, a reliable GPS, and enough food and water to last several days.

Do you need 4×4 for overlanding?

While a 4×4 vehicle can be helpful for overlanding, it is not always necessary and some overlanders choose to use 2-wheel drive vehicles.

Is diesel better for overlanding?

The question of whether diesel or gasoline is better for overlanding is highly debated and depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. Diesel engines tend to be more fuel-efficient and have more low-end torque, but gasoline engines are often less expensive to maintain and repair.

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