Best gps for atv 2023

Are you confused about which GPS to purchase for your ATV in 2021? You’re not alone. With so many options available, it’s difficult to choose the best GPS for your ATV. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to make sure you purchase the optimal GPS for your ATV needs.

We’ll cover the key features of today’s best GPS systems, and help you find the one that’s perfect for you!

Best gps for atv 2023

  1. Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Garmin zūmo XT  All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS (Best Overall)
  3. Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS (Budget Friendly)
  4. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker GPS
  5. Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker GPS
  6. Family1st 4G GPS 
  7. Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS

1)Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

Best gps for atv

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Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS is known for its accurate position tracking and navigation. This smartphone has a 3-inch screen for outdoor readability. Forget hazy maps and enjoy the crystal-clear, detailed display that gives you the information you need for a successful expedition. Explore new areas without fear of getting lost.

Uninterrupted Data Transfer

The Oregon 700’s Bluetooth connectivity makes data transfer and sharing easy. This device can sync GPS data with a smartphone or share information with other travellers. This cutting-edge GPS lets you stay connected and enjoy the outdoors.

Easy USB Data Transfer

USB data transfer revolutionises the Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS. No more tedious device-to-device file transfers. You may easily transmit data and enjoy your outdoor excursions by connecting to your computer or smartphone. Save time and focus on what matters—exploration.

Satellite Mapping: Unmatched Accuracy

Garmin Oregon 700 satellite maps will astonish you. This device provides precise mapping for many sites. The Oregon 700 has the most accurate and up-to-date maps for hiking through deep forests, climbing stunning mountains, or crossing enormous bodies of water. Keep going and maximise your outdoor adventures.

Portability and durability optimised

The Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS enhances outdoor adventures. Its portable mounting allows one-handed navigation. The device’s tough build protects it from the harshest environments, making it your reliable friend in any environment. Its sleek black colour makes it as attractive as it is sturdy.

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS: Unleash Your Adventurer

Finally, outdoor enthusiasts wanting precision and reliability need the Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS. Explorers need it for its 3-inch screen, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, satellite map capabilities, portable mounting type, and sleek black style. With the Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS, maximise your outdoor excursions and discover new frontiers.

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Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Garmin EMEA


  1. Accurate location tracking and navigation capabilities
  2. 3-inch screen for clear and detailed maps
  3. Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer
  4. USB connectivity for easy data transfer between devices
  5. Satellite map capabilities for accurate mapping information.



Brand Garmin
Screen Size 3 Inches
Special Feature Bluetooth
Connectivity technologies USB

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2)Garmin zūmo XT  All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS 

Best gps for atv

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The Garmin Zūmo XT can endure your most extreme experiences. Outdoor enthusiasts choose it because its tough construction can handle off-road conditions. Even with gloves, the device’s touch-sensitive interface makes navigation straightforward.

Even in Direct Sunlight, Clear Display

No more sun-squinting GPS screens. Even in direct sunshine, the Garmin Zūmo XT has an ultrabright display. The 5.5-inch screen displays maps and directions in great detail. You may now focus on the road regardless of lighting.

Unmatched Data Transfer and Connectivity

The Garmin Zūmo XT is a GPS and linked powerhouse. Use USB to connect it to your computer or smartphone. Transfer data and waypoints easily with this function to always have the newest routes and maps. Stay informed and enjoy your motorbike rides.

Precision Motorcycle Navigation

The Garmin Zūmo XT, designed for motorcyclists, tracks and guides you with unmatched accuracy. This GPS device will guide your travels. Its easy-to-use interface and crisp audio instructions give turn-by-turn directions so you can enjoy the voyage.

Map Coverage

Exploring new areas is fun, but having detailed maps makes it even better. North America maps are available on the Garmin Zūmo XT. This GPS device is perfect for road trips or local exploration.

Compact, portable, and adventure-ready

Motorcycle touring and riding require every inch. Garmin Zūmo XT is tiny and portable. This GPS fits within your gear without adding bulk at 1 x 5.8 x 3.5 inches. Its lightweight and adventure-ready design make it ideal for the always-on-the-go.

In conclusion

The Garmin Zūmo XT All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS is a game-changer for adventure-seeking motorcycle riders. It’s a must-have for motorcyclists due to its sturdy build, crystal-clear display, smooth connectivity, precise navigation, vast map coverage, and small size. Enjoy your motorbike rides and the outdoors with confidence knowing that

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Garmin zūmo XT  All-Terrain Motorcycle GPS  First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Best Buy Canada Product Videos


  1. Large 5.5-inch screen for easy navigation
  2. USB connectivity for easy data transfer
  3. North America map capabilities for accurate mapping information
  4. All-terrain vehicle compatibility for use in rough outdoor environments
  5. Compact dimensions for easy portability.



Brand Garmin
Model Name Garmin 010-02296-00
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle
Screen Size 5.5 Inches

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3)Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS 

Best gps for atv

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Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS surpasses other GPS systems. Outdoor navigation requires its exceptional capabilities. The GPS’s 8GB memory holds maps, tracks, and waypoints. Explore the Garmin GPSMAP 64st’s outstanding features.

Unmatched Precision and Storage

The Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS tracks and navigates well. Its accuracy allows you negotiate any terrain. Its 8GB memory holds tonnes of map data. Outdoor enthusiasts seeking detailed maps of isolated and undiscovered locations should choose it.

Integrate and Customise

Its smooth connectivity distinguishes the Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS. Bluetooth simplifies data sharing. This feature lets you share and collaborate with other adventurers. The Garmin GPSMAP 64st enables sharing waypoints and trek routes easy.

It supports Garmin Custom Maps. This feature lets users add data to maps. Customization makes navigation personal. It’s like having a cartographer’s toolset in your hand, making any route easy and accurate.

Uncompromised Performance

The Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS is built for outdoor exploration. The device’s sleek black colour conveys dependability. Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS will lead you through any weather.

Handheld and Flexible

The handheld Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS matches its capability. The 1.4 x 2.4 x 6.3-inch device fits comfortably in your hand, enabling a stable grasp even during strenuous activities like hiking, camping, or hunting. Its simple UI and controls let you focus on outdoor fun.

Bluetooth enhances the Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS’s versatility. You may seamlessly transmit data, synchronise routes, and share unforgettable moments from your expedition by connecting to other devices like smartphones or tablets.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st unlocks the outdoors.

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliability, accuracy, and adaptability, the Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS is essential. This device stands out with its 8GB memory, compatibility with Garmin Custom Maps, robust black design, ergonomic handheld form, and Bluetooth connectivity. Take amazing outdoor excursions with the Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS.

Garmin GPSMAP 64st GPS  First Hand Review Video

Video Source: DeerGearTV


  1. 8 GB memory storage capacity for storing large amounts of map data
  2. Compatibility with Garmin Custom Maps for customizable navigation
  3. Bluetooth technology for easy data transfer and sharing
  4. Handheld design for easy portability and use
  5. Rugged and durable black color for use in extreme environments.



Brand Garmin
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
Compatible Devices Garmin Custom Map
Color Black

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4)LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker GPS

Best gps for atv

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The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has unmatched position tracking precision. This device provides accurate, real-time information for tracking vehicles or personal objects. Its innovative technology ensures excellent performance, making it essential for tracking and navigation.

Extreme Environment Waterproofing

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is rugged and waterproof. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers love this device since it can withstand any weather. This GPS tracker will function flawlessly in rainforests, wilderness, and difficult terrain.

Secure Geofencing

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has geofencing. Geofencing lets you set virtual limits that trigger instant notifications when breached. This feature keeps you informed and notified to any unwelcome activity. Geofencing protects your car and goods.

Historical Insights Playback

Playback is another useful LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker feature. This tool gives you vital insights about your tracked assets’ past movements. Playback lets you review routes and destinations to make informed judgements. Route optimisation and activity analysis benefit from such precise information.

Seamless 4G LTE Connectivity

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has 4G LTE connectivity for fast and reliable data transfer. This makes it easy to get real-time information and stay connected. You can make quick decisions and respond to changes and emergencies with 4G LTE data transfers.

Style and Customization

Due to its GPS application adaptability, the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is very customizable. This flexibility lets users customise the device by choosing their preferred GPS app. The tracker’s sleek black colour makes it appealing for any setting.

Easy to Carry

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches, making it portable. It’s tiny and portable. Whether you’re hiking or require a portable gadget,

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LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker GPS First Hand Review Video

Video Source:techloto


  1. Waterproof design for use in extreme weather conditions
  2. 4G LTE connectivity technology for fast and reliable data transfer
  3. GPS application compatibility for customizable navigation
  4. Compact and portable design for easy carrying and use
  5. Sleek and modern black color for use in a variety of different environments.



Brand LandAirSea
Special Feature Waterproof
Color Black
Connectivity technologies 4G LTE

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5)Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker GPS

Best gps for atv

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The Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker seamlessly and accurately monitors vehicles using GPS and 4G technology. This multifunctional tracker covers Hawaii with its SIM card. The Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking company vehicles or family members.

Tracking and Connectivity

The Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker tracks and navigates using Bluetooth, 4G, LTE-M, and Wi-Fi. This cutting-edge technology gives real-time updates, so you always know where your vehicles or loved ones are. Its compatibility with alarm and GPS apps boosts its adaptability and functionality.

Superior Connectivity

The Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker has superior connectivity. This tracker tracks in real time via Bluetooth, 4G, LTE-M, and Wi-Fi. The device’s trendy black colour makes it suitable for various contexts.

Small and Portable

The Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker is tiny and portable for convenience. Its 4.1 x 1.1 x 0.4-inch size makes it portable. It’s tiny and versatile. The device’s powerful networking features allow customization, making it adaptable to varied contexts.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker is a sophisticated, multifunctional tracking device. Its high connectivity, application compatibility, sleek black style, and portability make it an indispensable tool for accurate GPS tracking. Buy the Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker today to improve your tracking.

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Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker GPS First Hand Review Video

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  1. Advanced connectivity technologies for real-time tracking and monitoring
  2. Supported applications including alarm and GPS applications
  3. Compact and portable design for easy carrying and use
  4. Sleek and modern black color for use in a variety of different environments
  5. Highly customizable and versatile for use in a range of different applications.



Brand invoxia
Special Feature 4G, LTE-M, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Color Black
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth, 4G, LTE-M

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6)Family1st 4G GPS 

Best gps for atv

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Family1st 4G GPS trackers are perfect for real-time family monitoring. This device provides precise position updates every second using 4G LTE technology. View important information from your desktop to stay connected and reassured. The Family1st 4G GPS tracker’s excellent features make it the greatest solution for worried parents.

4G LTE Live Monitoring

Family1st’s 4G LTE GPS tracker offers real-time monitoring. This advanced connectivity lets the gadget give your loved ones accurate location updates. Whether at work, travelling, or home, knowing their location provides you piece of mind.

5-Zone Protection

Family1st 4G GPS tracker security is 5-zone. This feature allows you set boundaries for loved ones and receive instant alerts if they cross them. If your child or grandparent leaves the neighbourhood, the 5-zone critical function informs you instantly.

Flexible Navigation

The versatile Family1st 4G GPS tracker can navigate. It’s portable because it’s light. It’s mobile. Wireless connectivity offers real-time tracking and monitoring. Always connected to family.

Flexible Apps

Family1st 4G GPS trackers are versatile. This device has customisable GPS, real-time tracking, platform views, and an app. Its black tone makes it suited for urban and rural settings.

Easily Transportable

For convenience, the Family1st 4G GPS tracker is 2.75 x 1.8 x 1.1 inches. It’s compact and versatile. It’s versatile and portable.


Finally, the cutting-edge Family1st 4G GPS tracker protects your family. 4G LTE offers real-time monitoring. The 5-zone important function informs you when loved ones cross limitations, boosting security. Portable, wifi, adjustable, and black,

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Family1st 4G GPS  First Hand Review Video



  1. Portable, lightweight, and compact design for easy carrying and use
  2. Wireless connectivity technology for real-time tracking and monitoring
  3. Supported applications including GPS, real-time tracking, platform views, and an app
  4. Sleek and modern black color for use in a variety of different environments
  5. Highly customizable and versatile for use in a range of different applications.



Item Dimensions 2.75 x 1.8 x 1.1 inches
Brand Family1st
Special Feature Portable, Light weighted, Compact
Color Black

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7)Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS

Best gps for atv

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The Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS for motorcycles and snowmobiles is cutting-edge. This GPS device is a game-changer for adventurers, enhancing navigation and riding pleasure. Let’s look at what makes the Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS a must-have for bikers.

Easy Community-Based Destination Search

The Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS has over a million points of interest in its advanced community search feature. This functionality makes finding places easy, making riding hassle-free. This GPS finds petrol stations, restaurants and attractions.

Easy-to-Use Mapping

The Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS mapping function simplifies navigation. Riders can confidently navigate with the device’s excellent maps. This GPS device delivers real-time advice to help you navigate new terrain or long-distance trips.

Quality and Design Unmatched

High-quality motorbike GPS Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7. Riders may track their location on its 7-inch touchscreen. Riders seeking trustworthy navigation will love the device’s design and attention to detail.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity distinguishes the Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS. The device can easily transport data to cellphones and desktops. Riders may update maps, download routes, and share their experiences with a click. This GPS device lets you stay connected and enjoy your rides.

Wide-ranging Mapping

The Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS has complete US and Canadian map coverage. Riders may confidently explore new areas with accurate and thorough maps. This GPS device guides you through meandering country roads and spectacular mountain passes, making your experience unforgettable.

Motorcycle-Optimized Design

The Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS measures 7.48 x 4.31 x 1.38 inches, making it ideal for motorcyclists. Its simple mounting technique makes it suitable for motorcycle touring. Riders can readily view navigation information on the 7-inch touchscreen display.

Be Adventurous

In conclusion, the Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS is a trustworthy and accurate motorcycle-specific GPS gadget. This device is essential for motorcyclists who seek the open road because to its huge touchscreen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, extensive mapping capabilities, and motorcycle-optimized design. With the Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS, you can confidently take spectacular motorbike trips.

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Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 GPS First Hand Review Video



  1. Large 7-inch touchscreen display for easy navigation
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity technology for easy data transfer
  3. USA and Canada map capabilities for accurate mapping information
  4. Motorcycle mounting design for easy use while on the road
  5. Reliable and accurate GPS tracking and navigation capabilities.




Brand Magellan
Model Name Magellan
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle
Screen Size 7 Inches

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Best gps for atv 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Best gps for atv


Welcome to our comprehensive guide for finding the best GPS for ATVs in 2021. Navigating off-road terrain can present challenges and with no way to predict what lies ahead, it’s important to be well prepared when venturing out onto trails and paths. Often, a GPS device is necessary to monitor where you are so as not to get lost or disoriented. This guide will provide information about the features available on GPS units, as well as tips and advice on what type of GPS device would be most suitable for your needs. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect GPS unit that keeps you safe when venturing off road with an ATV.

GPS devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes with various features. Choosing the right device is important both for safety reasons, as well as convenience and ease of use while riding your ATV. Having access to location data, speed information, route planning capability, various maps types and even weather updates can all make your ATV excursions more enjoyable and less stressful. This guide will provide information about different types of GPS devices available today, along with descriptions of the features each one offers so that you can make an informed decision regarding which type would be the best fit for your needs when shopping around for a new or upgraded unit.

Importance of GPS for ATV

GPS is an invaluable tool for off-roading adventures, in order to help you manage terrain and avoid dangerous or unauthorized areas. Today’s GPS models for ATVs offer a variety of features, some tailored specifically for off-roaders and others geared towards making your journey easier. Whether you use your ATV to explore trails in the backcountry or race across deserts, having the right GPS device can be an essential investment.

When selecting a GPS model for an ATV there are several key factors to consider. The first, and arguably most important, is accuracy. You want to make sure that your device is providing accurate navigation throughout your journey – especially since miles can easily go by much faster on an ATV than they would in a car. Additionally, you need to determine if the device has all of the navigational functions that are important to you, such as waypoints and tracks, maps coverage, route planning capabilities and even ones such as barometric altimeter adjustment or audible alarms (for those who ride two-up). Additionally look for additional features such as weather updates which can provide information about temperature and precipitation so you can plan ahead for rides during always changing weather conditions. Finally, it’s important to make sure that the screen size is large enough so you can easily read what’s on it when riding at high speeds in challenging terrain.

With all this in mind let’s take a closer look at what makes a GPS suitable for ATV use so that you can choose the right the one for your next outdoor adventure!

Purpose of the buying guide

This buying guide will help you to make informed decisions when purchasing a GPS for your ATV in 2023. The guide will provide information about the different types of available products, their features, and any other relevant aspects that consumers should consider before making their purchase.

We will also be giving readers some tips to help them get the best deal and ensure that they buy a GPS that matches their needs. By considering all the specs, features, and models available, we will help you choose the best GPS for your ATV from the many options that are on the market. Whether you are looking for durability or updated features and mapping programs, we have compiled a list of reliable products that have been seen positively by consumers. Reading through this buying guide will help you pick out an appropriate GPS for your ATV adventures in 2021.

Factors to consider when buying an ATV GPS

It is important to do your research and read up on the different features and capabilities of various ATV GPS units before making a purchasing decision. There are many factors to consider when selecting a GPS, such as size, cost, and durability. Additionally, some GPS systems have different features compared to others, so evaluating the options in terms of which one is best suited for your particular needs is important.

Here are some of the most important factors you should consider when buying an ATV GPS:

  • Size and weight: Most ATV GPS units come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is important to select one that fits comfortably onto your vehicle or handlebar mount without being too bulky or weighing down your vehicle. Some models are designed specifically for off-road use, while others will be able to fit onto other vehicles as well.
  • Durability: Since ATVs can be used in tough terrain or weather conditions, it is important that the unit you choose is durable enough to withstand any potential rough treatment. Many models offer protection from water, dust and shock damage – so make sure you check out these details before buying a specific model.
  • Battery life: Depending on how often you plan to use your device out on the trails or woods, battery life will be an essential factor to consider when choosing an ATV GPS system. Make sure that the device you select has sufficient battery life so that it doesn’t run out while you are in the middle of using it!
  • Features: Different models come with different features; make sure that any device you select has all the necessary apps for off-road navigation or routing assistance. Additionally, some devices offer additional features such as built-in base maps for a wider field coverage range or high-sensitivity receivers for improved accuracy even in low signal areas – make sure these features align with your preferences before investing in an ATV GPS unit!

Display and size

Best gps for atv


When evaluating GPS displays and sizes, it’s important to consider how and where you’ll be using your device. The display and size should meet the expected use. Higher end units are composed with larger, better-quality screens that make reading fine details much easier.

The amount of screen real estate is an indicator of navigation versatility. Smaller screens are harder to read and may not show all available navigation details while larger 7” or greater displays usually provide superior multi-window navigation capability.

Many outdoor enthusiasts appreciate devices that come with a swappable memory card to expand storage so you can always access your favorite trails, fishing spots, roadways, and other waypoints without having to delete them when you reach the limit on the internal memory. Outdoor GPS units also come water-resistant for dust proofing in wet conditions or for temporary immersion in standing water for up to 30 minutes – but only in a shallow depth such as a puddle or stream – making it easier for navigation in challenging weather conditions without fear of damage from the elements.

Ultimately the display size should be comfortable for you to use based on preference; this could be anywhere from 3” in size up through 8” models if desired by the user. Scroll through each LED/LCD model carefully before purchase and pay special attention to:

  • Viewing angles;
  • Color saturation;
  • Brightness;
  • Icons style/size/position;
  • Quality of Maps (native preloaded);
  • Quantity/depth of data;
  • Antenna specs/height restrictions/advantageous areas markings relevant to your needs etc.,).


When choosing your GPS for an ATV, you need to be sure that it is durable enough to withstand the elements you will be exposing it to. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, your GPS should have an IP rating that denotes its ability to withstand shock, water ingress and dust particles. The higher the number of the IP rating, the better the device is suited for conditions like off road riding and other extreme environments.

Quality GPS units are also designed with specific mounting points suited for ATV’s and UTV’s, so consider those features when making your decision.

User interface

When looking for the best GPS for ATV, one of the most important factors you should take into consideration is the user interface. The user interface needs to be intuitive and easy to use, as this will give you a better overall experience. Look for models that have a clear display, bright graphics and logical menu options so you can get where you need to go quickly and without fuss.

Some ATV GPS systems are touchscreen enabled, which makes them easier to operate than non-touchscreen models. The type of user interface also varies by manufacturer and model, so be sure to read through customer reviews before making your purchase.

Battery life

Battery life is an important consideration when choosing an ATV GPS as longer trips can require more frequent charging. Most handhelds run on AA or AAA batteries, while other options use USB charging from a computer or wall socket. Consider what type of power sources you’ll have available when selecting your device and make sure to purchase spare batteries just in case.

Many of the latest GPS units use rechargeable Li-ion batteries that have values ranging from 8–20 hours depending on usage, the display size and backlight settings. Generally, older models with monochrome displays tend to last longer than colour screens with full navigation software installed. Additionally, look for GPS units boasting advanced power management systems and auto shut-off settings for optimum battery life efficiency.

Maps and navigation

When it comes to maps and navigation, it’s important to purchase a GPS device that uses the latest technology. A device must be equipped with current map software in order to be effective. Check the SOFTWARE type on the packaging of your product, as well as its MAP SCALES (1:50K and 1:24K). They need to support waypoints and routes for true GPS performance. Additional features like turn-by-turn directions and auto-routing are also helpful when navigating unfamiliar areas.

You should also consider if your GPS will come preloaded with street or topographical maps or if they need to be purchased separately. It’s also useful to look for features such as trip logging and track recording, which can make your outdoor activity planning much easier.

Additional features

When shopping for a GPS for your ATV, there are several additional features to consider. Most GPS devices come with the ability to display speed and elevation, as well as provide route guidance. But if you want extra options, such as mapping software, satellite-imaging capability, or even built-in weather forecasting technology, you will want to look for GPS devices that offer these features.

Some of the more popular add-on features include:

  • A tracking feature that lets you share your route with others in real time.
  • Access to detailed topographic maps.
  • Waypoints and routes preloaded on the device.
  • Active collision avoidance systems.
  • High resolution imagery.

Many of these features can be very helpful in planning out trips in advance and keeping yourself safe while riding. Additionally, some devices even have sensors or Wi-Fi connectivity so they can monitor environmental conditions and alert you if the conditions become unsafe.

No matter which features you decide you need in a GPS device for your ATV, make sure to do your research first so that you can find a model that meets all of your needs—and don’t forget to factor in cost!


In conclusion, the GPS systems listed above are all great options for the best GPS for ATV in 2021. All of the systems offer a valuable amount of features and versatility to meet many different types of riders’ needs. The differences lie mainly in size, portability, durability, battery life, and convenience. Consider your preferences when selecting a system that works best for you.

Explore the different models available carefully to make sure you find one that meets both your specific requirements and budget. Happy exploring!



What is the best GPS app for ATV trail riding?

Some popular GPS apps for ATV trail riding include Gaia GPS, AllTrails, and Trailforks.

What is the best quad bike GPS?

Some of the best quad bike GPS devices include the Garmin Montana, Magellan TR7, and the Magellan TRX7.

What is the best offroad GPS?

Some of the best off-road GPS devices include the Garmin Overlander, the Garmin Montana, and the Magellan TRX7.

Can I put a tracker on my ATV?

Yes, you can put a tracker on your ATV to monitor its location and movements.

Does Garmin have ATV trails?

Yes, Garmin offers a variety of ATV and off-road trails on its GPS devices.

What apps can I use to find ATV trails?

Apps such as AllTrails, Trailforks, and Dirt Bike Trails provide information on ATV trails.

What is the best GPS app for adventure riding?

Some popular GPS apps for adventure riding include Gaia GPS, Rever, and Komoot.

Is Google Maps good for off-road?

Google Maps is not designed for off-road use and may not provide accurate information in remote or off-road locations.

Is there a free version of Ride with GPS?

Yes, Ride with GPS offers a free version with limited features.

What is the best ATV GPS app for iPhone?

Some of the best ATV GPS apps for iPhone include AllTrails, Trailforks, and Gaia GPS.

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