The Advantages of Using a Cat GPS Tracker for Outdoor Cats

Are you an outdoor cat parent and worried about your beloved pet’s safety? GPS trackers are a great way to make sure that your cat stays safe and can help you quickly locate them in case of an emergency.

In this article, you will discover the advantages of using a Cat GPS Tracker and how to choose the right one. Read on to learn more!

This guide will provide an overview of the advantages of using a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker for outdoor cats. GPS trackers utilized in combination with Satellite Imaging have proven to be a reliable approach for monitoring your pet’s whereabouts as well as keeping them safe outside.

These devices come in all shapes and sizes, with different features and levels of accuracy, so it is important to take the time to research which product best meets your needs.

We will start off by exploring the numerous advantages that these devices can provide and then we will discuss some of their limitations. Finally, this guide will outline the various types of GPS trackers available on the market today, from basic entry-level models to those that include advanced features such as temperature monitoring and geo-fencing capabilities.

Advantages of using a Cat GPS Tracker for Outdoor Cats

Using a GPS tracking device to monitor your cat outside is an idea that thousands of outdoor cat owners have embraced, and many are finding that it provides both peace of mind as well as real practical benefits. Here are five advantages you can expect from using a GPS tracker for cats:

  1. Proactive Prevention: A GPS tracker for cats allows you to be alerted whenever your pet leaves your property, enabling you to take immediate steps to ensure their safe return.
  2. Security and Privacy: Knowing where your cat, at all times means that you can keep tabs on their activities without prying too far into their privacy or crossing boundaries they may not want you to cross.
  3. Healthier Habits: You’ll know who your cat is spending time with, whether they’re outdoors at the appropriate times (or not), and if they’re exhibiting any activities or habits that may be abnormal for them. All of this can help ensure that your cat stays healthy — both mentally and physically.
  4. Safer Travels: When traveling long distances with a cat, having a GPS device on board ensures that someone will be able to locate them should they become lost or escape from their travel carrier during the trip.
  5. Pet Identification & Monitoring: Many pet tracking devices allow you to create an online profile for each of your cats so others can find out information about them if they get lost (such as what kind of pet they are, who their owner is, any medical conditions and more). Additionally, most GPS trackers offer the ability to provide updates such as temperature levels in real-time so you can easily monitor how well your cats are adjusting while on the move.

Helps to locate lost cats

A GPS tracking device for cats provides peace of mind for pet owners by allowing them to quickly and easily locate a lost cat. By attaching it to a collar, the user can monitor their pet’s location at any time and be alerted if the pet has strayed too far from home. In some instances, this could help prevent cats from getting lost in the first place.

GPS tracking devices are also more reliable than relying on microchips, which require owners to bring their pets to a vet or shelter in order to be tracked. GPS trackers provide users with live updates, helping them locate their pets quickly and efficiently.

Increased likelihood of finding lost cats

When cats roam outdoors, they are exposed to a host of risks which could mean they may not make it back home. However, with a GPS tracker fitted to their collar, you can have peace of mind that you can track your cat should they ever get lost. Using the provided information you’ll be able to locate them quickly and reunite the two of you quickly and safely.

Not all GPS devices enable you to locate your cat down to the exact street address, but most will enable you to plot their general location meaning that there is an increased chance that they will be found if they do go missing. Additionally, if your cat does not come home and is thought to be lost surely you’d rather start looking for them in an accurate location than trying to guess where he could be based on possible routes he may have followed for example. You’d also avoid completing searches in areas know as dead zones where signals are often poor because of local obstructions like buildings or foliage for example.

Saves time and resources

Using a GPS tracker to locate an outdoor cat can save time and resources. Instead of wasting hours or even days searching the neighborhood, you can pinpoint the location of your pet quickly with a cat GPS tracking system. This is especially helpful if you have multiple cats or spend a large portion of the week away from home. Tracking your cats’ movements will enable you to locate them faster and more efficiently than other methods, such as asking neighbors or searching for signs of their presence.

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In addition to saving time and resources, Cat GPS trackers can save you money. Many GPS systems are much more cost-efficient than manual search activities (such as setting out flyers and hiring professional animal services). Furthermore, these systems help protect outdoor cats from potential predators, customers, and other dangerous situations; this means that fewer safety-related expenses will arise in the long run as a result of using a pet tracking device.

Enables cat owners to track their cat’s movements

Using a GPS tracker is becoming increasingly popular for pet owners to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their outdoor cat. Whether you have an indoor/outdoor cat, have just adopted a rescue or feral cat, a GPS tracker allows cat owners to track their cat’s movements and see where they visit and if they ever stray too far from home.

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology provides accurate and real-time location data of your pet’s “tags” which can be tracked on a computer or smartphone. With some systems, you are able to set up boundaries and receive alerts when your pet wanders outside of the defined area (or “geofence”). This makes it easy to know if your cat strays too far away from home or into unfriendly territory like other people’s yards, streets, and highways with high traffic.

The advantages that come with having a GPS tracker also mean that busy masters don’t have to worry about losing sight of their cats when they are out running errands or at work during the day. There is peace of mind knowing that you will be notified if there is any significant deviation in activity outside the set boundaries for too long. Additionally, by having these tagged protocols in place before it happens, it can decrease the chances that an outdoor cat gets lost or stolen in the first place by helping them stay within safety zones determined by their owners.

Allows cat owners to monitor their cat’s behavior

Using a cat GPS tracker can provide owners with a greater level of peace of mind about their cats and allow them to more closely monitor their pet’s activities – all from the comfort of home. This type of technology allows owners to check in on their cat’s whereabouts and monitor their behavior, such as if they are coming home late or going further away from “home” than usual. Knowing exactly where your cat is at any given moment offers an invaluable sense of security in knowing that they are safe and sound.

GPS trackers also provide real-time data that owners can use to identify patterns in their pet’s daily movements, which can be especially helpful for cats who may have become lost or strayed far away from home. Additionally, some GPS trackers even allow owners to set “safe zones”, so they will receive alerts if kitty leaves that designated area.

With today’s advanced technology, it is easy to make sure your furry family member never goes too far.

Helps to identify potential risks to cat’s health and safety

A GPS tracker for outdoor cats can be a powerful tool in protecting your pet. It is a way to monitor your cat’s whereabouts and potentially identify harmful areas where it has been.

For example, an outdoor tracker can alert you if your cat enters an area that may contain hazardous chemicals, such as a crop field that has recently been sprayed with pesticides or a body of water with strong currents and toxins. Additionally, by monitoring your cat’s movements over time, you may be able to detect any significant changes in behavior that could indicate a physical or mental health issue.

Having the ability to track and analyze your cat’s location data provides invaluable insight into the well-being of your feline friend.

Provides peace of mind

When allowing your cat to explore the outdoors, it is important to be able to monitor their activities and whereabouts. Installing a GPS Tracker in your cat’s collar can provide peace of mind for pet owners as you will be able to view reports about where your cat has been and how far they have travelled.

In addition, some of these trackers can even alert users if the cat moves out of predetermined boundaries or enters a “safe zone”. This means you can get alerts before your pet gets too far away from home and is at risk of being lost or in danger.

With a GPS Tracker installed on your cat’s collar, pet owners will have real-time updates on their pet’s activity so that they can take action as necessary if something happens to their pet while they are outdoors.

Reduces stress and anxiety for cat owners

For cat owners, having an outdoor cat can present a unique challenge. While it’s nice for cats to have time to explore the outdoors and stretch their legs, it can also be worrisome — what if they get lost or injured?

A GPS tracker for cats is a great way to give you peace of mind and reduce stress and anxiety as a pet owner. By attaching the lightweight device to your pet’s collar, you can track their movements from anywhere and receive notifications if they stray too far from home.

The device even has features that will notify you if your pet is not moving for an extended period of time or alert you when the battery requires recharging. This way, you always know that your furry friend is safe and sound.

Allows cat owners to check on their cats anytime, anywhere

GPS tracking of cats brings many advantages for cat owners because it allows them to stay connected to their beloved pets even when they are not around. It offers the peace of mind of knowing their cats are safe and secure at all times, no matter where they are.

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With a GPS tracking device for cats, owners can monitor and track their cats in real time from anywhere in the world by logging into an app or website. This means that as long as there is a cellular network or a wifi connection available, cat owners will always have visibility and trackability over their feline friends’ whereabouts to ensure they are safe and sound. Locations can be accurately pinpointed thanks to GPS satellite technology with features such as real-time location updates, historical data on routes taken, alerts, geofencing capabilities, statistics regarding distance travelled, speed travelled and more.

This invaluable tool enables pet parents to keep an eye on their cats even when they can’t physically look after them – whether that’s during holidays or just when in the office all day.


In conclusion, using a GPS tracker to monitor the movements of an outdoor cat is an excellent way to ensure their safety. Knowing that you can view their location and activity in real-time allows you to make sure your pet is safe, even when you’re not around. The GPS trackers also offer several other useful features, such as providing notifications for certain behaviours and allowing for remote access to the settings.

Although there are still some pitfalls associated with using a GPS tracker for outdoor cats, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, investing in a cat GPS tracker is a great way to give peace of mind and ensure that they don’t get lost while exploring their surroundings.


Should I use a GPS tracker for my cat?

Using a GPS tracker for your cat can be a good idea, especially if your cat likes to roam outside and you want to keep an eye on their location.

What are the advantages of GPS on animals?

GPS on animals can help you track their location, ensure their safety, and locate them quickly if they get lost.

What are the benefits of GPS tracker?

The benefits of a GPS tracker include peace of mind, quick location tracking, and the ability to monitor your pet’s movements.

How do I track my outside cat?

You can track your outside cat using a GPS tracker, or by keeping an eye on their usual haunts and asking neighbors to keep an eye out for them.

How do outdoor cats know where home is?

Outdoor cats often use their sense of smell, landmarks, and visual cues to navigate and find their way home.

What is the range of a cat tracker?

The range of a cat tracker can vary depending on the model and the environment, but it typically ranges from a few hundred feet to several miles.

Will my cat get lost outside?

It’s possible for cats to get lost outside, especially if they wander too far from home or get disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings.

What’s the best way to track my cat?

The best way to track your cat is to use a GPS tracker, as this will allow you to locate your cat quickly and easily.

How do you control a cat outside?

You can’t always control a cat outside, but you can provide them with a safe and stimulating environment, and make sure they have access to food, water, and shelter.

Can a cat track its owner?

While cats have a good sense of smell and can recognize their owner’s scent, they don’t have the ability to track their owner over long distances like a dog might.

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